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Though I am a wanderer at heart, my roots run deep in the Appalachian foothills of red, Georgia clay that was plowed and planted by my ancestors. Having been steeped in the traditions and crafts of Northern Europe and Appalachia, my artwork serves as a conduit for fleeting personal and collective memories. I prefer to work intuitively and follow my emotions, allowing my subconscious to direct my choices. Being well versed in many techniques allows me to focus on experimental processes and creating. It may be difficult and labor intensive, but I find many of my processes to be almost meditative at times, for these reasons.

As free-spirited as I would like to be, the urge to control everything in my life is strong. In many ways, I must force myself to permit disorder and the unknown to take precedence. I find that the materials I use emphasize this struggle perfectly. The alchemical process of utilizing iron oxide and natural plant colorants allow me to explore the boundaries of constraint and chaos, simultaneously. Life experiences and relationships leave traces on our lives both mentally and physically. It is in many ways like a residue or stain that we carry with us. Similarly, collective memories are influenced and landscapes are transformed by the footprint of power structures, like industry, religious groups, and the military. Communities thrive and collapse based on the success of these industries that they are built around and what remains inspires me: peeling paint, crumbling bricks, corroded steel, seeping rust, and erosion. Just as these cathedrals of industry have been marked over time, I have also been marked by my past.

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